The goal of the Foundation’s investment strategy is to generate funds for the Foundation’s activities. According to the Foundation’s rules and the foundation law sustainability, lucrativeness and solidity are key targets in the Foundation’s asset management. The investment strategy aims to ensure the capability of distributing grants and prizes.


The Board of Trustees accepts the investment policy each year.

The Chairman, the Executive Director and two other Board members of the Foundation form the Financial Committee. The Committee plans and executes the asset management and investments according to the financial policies set by the Board of Trustees. The Board is informed of the development of assets.

The Executive Director, Arto Mäenmaa, prepares presentations concerning financials for the Board and the Financial Committee and is responsible for the execution of financial decisions.

Asset allocation

The Foundation’s assets have been diversified to control financial risks. The Foundation has a long-term perspective on the development of its assets, which makes it possible for the Foundation to distribute grants and prizes despite short-term changes in asset valuation. Sufficient and steady cash flow is necessary for grant making that the Foundation practices.

By the end of 2014 the Foundation’s assets were allocated as follows:

  • 60% in stocks,
  • 19% in real estate,
  • 13% from fixed income
  • and 8% of other financial instruments.

The fair value of the Foundation’s assets was c. 380 million euros and book value was 231 million euros. The Foundation also owns 22,4% of the shares of Wihuri Oy and Wihuri Packaging Oy (not listed companies).