Call for Applications

The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation awards grants for the promotion and support of cultural and economic development in Finland.

Application period 7 – 31 May 2017.

Grants are awarded for different fields of

  • Science
    – doctoral thesis work
    – post-doctoral research
    – research funding for a researcher returning to Finland after post-doctoral research abroad (homing grant).
    – research groups
  • Arts
  • Societal activities

The grant for medicine and biomedicine is used for the maintenance of the Wihuri Research Institute.
Grants for visual arts are awarded mainly for art research.

The Foundations’ Post Doc Pool, which the Wihuri Foundation is a member of, funds post-doctoral research abroad (that lasts for at least one academic year). More information from

The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation awards both undefined and one-year working grants.

A one-year working grant (doctoral studies 24.000 euros and post-doctoral research 28.000 euros) is meant for one-year full-time work. During this time the grantee can’t be employed. The grant is made for one year at a time. To apply for a second and third year grant the grantee must apply for them with a new application each year. If the grantee decides to apply for a continuation grant as described he/she must provide a progress report and a statement from a supervisor to be seen as a prospective recipient.

A six-month working grant (doctoral studies 12.000 euros and post-doctoral research 14.000) is meant for full-time work lasting for six months during which the grantee must be on a leave from salaried work. Research funding for a researcher returning to Finland after post-doctoral research abroad is called a homing grant and is worth 50.000 euros.

You can apply for a grant by filling in the application form online on the Foundation’s website.  The application form and its attachments will be sent to the Foundation via the application service.

The online application service will close down by the deadline 31.5.2017 at 24.00 (UTC +2).

More detailed information from the Foundation’s website

References to support the application should be given by the writer of the reference through an online reference form.

A list of amended grants will be published 10 October on the Foundation’s website.

Successful grant applicants will be informed by a letter.

Further information from the office of the Foundation.

Kalliolinnantie 4, 00140 Helsinki (Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00)
Tel. 09 454 2400
Fax 09 444 590


The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation’s Board of Trustees