About us

Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation is building basic conditions for a thriving society by enabling research, art, and societal activities. During the past 80 years, the Foundation has distributed around €446 million to building a better future. In 2023, we supported research, art, and societal activities with nearly €15 million.

What we’re about

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation is a Finnish non-profit organisation operating in the fields of research, art and societal activities. Our mission is to create chances to fulfill, encounter and experience these three areas of life.

How we work

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation is a combination of a grant-awarding and operative foundation. We work primarily by giving financial support (grants) to individuals, groups and organisations working on projects. However, we also partner with institutions and have initiatives of our own.

In addition to awarding grants through our yearly application process, we maintain the Wihuri Research Institute, specialized in the basic research of cardiovascular disease, make art acquisitions to our collection in Rovaniemi Art Museum, maintain residency programs and award prizes.

Where our funds come from

Our work today is made possible by the far-sightedness of philanthropist couple Jenny and Antti Wihuri who established the Foundation and donated its initial capital of 30 000 000 Finnish marks in 1942. In addition to this, the founders have added to the Foundation’s initial capital through further donations. The Foundation’s activities are covered by profits generated by asset management making us financially independent.

Our history

Established in 1942 in the midst of war, the purpose of Jenny and Antti Foundation was stated as follows: to promote and support Finnish cultural and economic development and also in the present circumstances to contribute to the reconstruction of Finland in various forms. Likewise, the purpose of the Foundation is to strengthen the patriotic will to defend our country. Interpreted in modern terms, the purpose of the Foundation is to create prerequisites for a thriving society by enabling research, art, and societal activities.

Board holds decisive power

Highest decisive power is held by the eight-membered Board of Trustees. The board, chosen from candidates nominated by organisations and associations defined in the Foundation’s rules, sets policies and guidelines regarding grant-making and financials of the Foundation. Essentially it interprets the original purpose set by Jenny and Antti Wihuri from today’s perspective.