Guidelines for grantees

Payment to individual applicants and working groups can be arranged online. To withdraw a grant the grantee makes a request for a grant in the online grant service (concerning the grants awarded 2016 and thereafter) or he/she returns a payment request form to the Foundation through mail.

The payment of a grant to a working group should be arranged by the person named in the application (group leader). For a working group to withdraw a grant it can return a payment request form with a signature of the responsible person. The form must also include the names, addresses, social security numbers and bank account numbers of members of the working group who intend to receive any payment.

To withdraw a grant intended for the acquisition of an instrument a confirmation of order or a receipt of the purchase must be delivered to the Foundation.

The grantee is obligated to take care of statutory insurance contributions (altogether approximately 15 % of the grant sum). Mela (Farmer’s Social Insurance Institution) collects pension, accident and group life insurance payments during the grant period (in other words, when the insurance is valid). The taxman collects health insurance payments.

If the grantee works continuously for four months and receives at least 1.300 euros as payments he/she is obligated to taking an insurance. In this case the grantee must him/herself inform Mela about the grant. The insurance obligation doesn’t concern grantees of undergraduate studies.

When certain conditions are met insurance can be taken for grant work that takes place abroad or for foreign grantees working in Finland.

The Foundation is obligated to inform Mela about the awarded grants and give additional information if needed.

When a grant is used to hire salaried work the grantee is obligated to take care of withholding tax and other statutory liabilities of an employer.

The Foundation informs the taxman of all grants over 1.000 euros. Grants awarded by private foundations are tax-free up to the state’s annual grant to artists.

The grantee must inform the Foundation immediately of any other funding that he/she receives. Working grants intended for full-time work require leave from regular salaried employment. Similarly, the grantee may not receive other working grants or other types of personal financial support. However, a small amount (25 % of salaried work time) is allowed during the grant period in order to enable occasional or part-time jobs. This doesn’t affect the duration of the grant period.

The Foundation can stop the payment of a grant if criteria for awarding the grant have changed significantly due to the grantee. E.g. the grantee doesn’t use the grant as intended.

The Foundation should be informed of any changes in the contact information of the grantee.

The grantee must also report  how the grant was used every calendar year.

A grant that hasn’t been withdrawn within three years after awarding it interpreted as cancelled if not agreed otherwise.

Any information concerning the application can be archived. It can also be handed over to authorities and other organizations that provide funding. This is to ensure proper supervision of awarding and use of grants. The Foundation is also allowed to publish information about the grant even if the awarded amount is less than what was originally applied for.

The grants will be awarded on October 9th, the birthday of Antti Wihuri. A list of grantees will appear on the Foundation’s website the following day

Grant seekers will receive an email of the decision. Successful grant seekers will be informed in writing in October also. Information on the grant decisions is not given by telephone.

Payment request for an awarded grant can be made through the online grant service. You can sign in to the service with the same credentials you have used for making your application. You will also need the confirmation code that you can find on the grant letter which has been sent to you.

Alternatively, you can send the payment proposal by mail.

We pay out grants once a month. Payments are made around the 15th of each month. Money transfer may take a couple of days. A payment request must be made no later than two weeks prior to the desired payment date.

Grants that are awarded in October can be paid earliest in November. Grants are paid in instalments of at least €3000 and maximum €8000 euros within the schedule that the project requires. There is no grant payment in July.

If you have been awarded a grant for the purchase of an instrument you must provide us with an order confirmation, receipt or an equivalent document. This document can be sent by post to the office or to e-mail:

The grant is to be used to pursue the plan set out in the application. The grant-funded work may begin only after the grant decision has been made.

A grant that has not been used within three years from the date it was awarded shall be deemed cancelled.  The grantees will not be notified about cancellations.

The working grant, if applied for for full-time work, requires leave from regular salaried employment. Similarly, the grantee may not receive other working grants or other types of personal financial support.

However, a small amount (25 % of salaried work time) is allowed during the grant period in order to enable occasional or part-time jobs. Exceeding the aforesaid limit will affect the amount and duration of the grant and has to be agreed separately.

Starting from the year after awarding the grantee must send a report to the Foundation every calendar year. He/she must report of the use of the grant and the progress of the project.

There is no specific format for the report. However certain aspects should come across from it.

  • To whom, when and for what purpose the grant has been awarded
  • How the project has progressed
  • How the grant has been used and how the funding has been organized e.g the most significant expenses of the project and sources of funding. It is not necessary to present receipts unless the grant is awarded for the purchase of an instrument
  • The timetable of the project

The report should include only relevant information which should be presented clearly and briefly (usually from 1 to 3 pages).

The grantee should send a report every year to the Foundation starting from the year after awarding the grant until the project has been finished or the entire grant has been used. The report can be a brief report of progress and/or a more thorough and detailed final report.

The report must be sent to the Foundation within the time limit. Dismissing the report can lead to problems in applying for a grant in the future.

It is also polite to show gratitude by mentioning the Foundation’s grant in CV’s, publications, concert programs, exhibitions catalogues and in other comparable situations.

You can download the logo of the Foundation here.

As of 2009, working grantees have, on certain conditions, been obliged to join a pension plan as well as acquire certain insurance coverage. Such functions are carried out by The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela).

The statutory insurance contributions, totalling approximately 15 % of the grant sum, are included in grants awarded for working lasting at least four months.

Grantees must contact Mela to arrange and pay the insurances.

Studies or graduate theses in vocational basic education for a degree from a polytechnic and graduate studies for a lower or higher university degree are not regarded a scientific research work or artistic activity eligible for social security cover. If a grant is awarded to a registered association or to only cover material costs, it does not include social security contributions.

Insurance must be taken to cover the period for which the grant has been awarded (given in months in the decision on the grant), even if the actual work is not carried out in one continuous period.

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation is required to notify grants to Mela and provide additional information on grants awarded as required by Mela.

For more information concerning social security, contact MELA at 029 435 2650, vakuutus(at)

Recipients of one-year grants can be awarded additional funding of approximately €225 to provide them with personal insurance cover. This insurance covers recipients under the age of 60. Recipients are sent instructions and a form for applying for this insurance cover.

The package provides 24h accident, medical costs and life insurance cover and is valid for one year from when the first instalment of a grant. Details on the insurance package are sent to recipients immediately as the cover comes into force.

An application form and a letter of attorney authorizing the Foundation to take out and pay for an insurance policy and authorizing Benefit Advisors Oy to arrange and manage the cover should be sent to the following address:

Benefit Advisors Oy
Siru Elman
Nuijamiestentie 5 A

Tel. 09 87750 200
Mobile 050 4135802