Starting from the year after awarding the grantee must send a report to the Foundation. He/she must report of the use of the grant and the progress of the project.

There is no specific format for the report. However, certain aspects should come across from it:

  • To whom, when and for what purpose the grant has been awarded
  • How the project has progressed
  • How the grant has been used and how the funding has been organized e.g the most significant expenses of the project and sources of funding. It is not necessary to present receipts unless the grant is awarded for the purchase of an instrument
  • The timetable of the project,

The report should include only relevant information which should be presented clearly and briefly (usually from 1 to 3 pages).

The grantee should send a report every year to the Foundation starting from the year after awarding the grant until the project has been finished or the entire grant has been used. The report can be a brief report of progress and/or a more thorough and detailed final report.

The report must be sent to the Foundation within the time limit. Dismissing the report can lead to problems in applying for a grant in the future.

It is also polite to show gratitude by mentioning the Foundation’s grant in CV’s, publications, concert programs, exhibitions catalogues and in other comparable situations.

You can download the logo of the Foundation here

Send the report to the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation (Kalliolinnantie 4, 00140 Helsinki).