Summer 2024: information for grant applicants and recipients

Our office is closed 15.-26.7.2024

Grant payments in the summer

Please remember that there will be no grant payments in July. The next payment will take place in mid-August.

If there is an urgent need for using the grant before August, you can still contact us in June. Submit a payment request in the online grant service by July 2nd at the latest. Also inform the foundation’s office that you wish the grant installment to be transferred for payment at the end of June. This notification can be handled, for example, by adding the payment request in the additional information section of the online service or by sending an email to the foundation’s office (

Updates to grant applications

If you have submitted a grant application in the Wihuri Foundation’s spring 2024 call, please remember to promptly inform us of any significant updates related to the application – especially if you have received funging from elsewhere.

In the online service, you can report funding received from other sources or a change of mailing address, as well as attach certificates, financial statements, or other relevant documents that you have received after the application period ended. In the same service, you can also completely remove the application from the foundation’s review if you wish.

We wish everyone a joyful and relaxing summer!